Visiting what is left of Hellshire beach


November 16, 2015

Today's journey I went back to Hellshire beach or should I say what is left of Hellshire beach.

Since I can remember, one of the greatest parts of taking the journey to Portmore, St Catherine was having a beach day at Hellshire. Running up and down on the beach, burying friends in the sand and making sandcastles would make for a day of joy and happiness.

Hellshire has always been the place among tourist and locals where you know not only can you go for some excellent food but the vibes were unsurpassed. Prendy's On The Beach was an event most looked forward to every Sunday. As the DJ blasted the best in retro music the beach would fill up of happy beach goers ready to kick-start another week.

All this seems to now be coming to an end. Every year, month, day that goes by, the beach is disappearing, the tides grow stronger. When you look out from your favourite food spot of choice you no longer look at kids, families and couples frolicking in the sand. Now when you come to Hellshire all you see is the water thrashing repeatedly at each shop, some of which have been there for at least three decades.

Now these shops are in danger, with the water at their door. what's next? The erosion isn't slowing, it's in reality speeding up! What happens to those who depend on this landmark to feed their family? What happens to the businesses that once thrived from one of Jamaica's most popular beachsides? Why can't the government step in build a reef and save a spot tourists and locals love?

As a traveller and lover of beaches, the loss of Hellshire Beach would be a major hit. Fingers and toes crossed the powers that be will do all they can to prevent this from happening. But as far as I can see time is running out if someone doesn't act now!

I know this journey wasn't a happy one but it was a necessary one. SAVE HELLSHIRE BEACH!

Until next time my travellers, Get Up Get Out And Explore Jamaica!

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