Winnifred - a beach lover's dream!


November 09, 2015

This week's journey was extra special as I got to journey to Winnifred Beach one of the last free public beaches on the island.

This journey took us back to Port Antonio because I wanted to know more about the beach that this community is fighting for. Citizens and regular beach goers have setup a site that tells a story of a community joined together to keep their beach public, free, authentic and a pleasure for all to enjoy.

First thing I have to do is give you a travellers warning. to get to Winnifred Beach your vehicle will have to travel over some pretty rough terrain. With no roads to the beach yet developed, it is not ideal for low-riding vehicles or vehicles without adequate tires. But once you are able to conquer the rocky trail you will be

treated to one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on the island.

Winnifred Beach in Fairy Hill is nestled in a lush tropical cove with water so blue that no matter how deep I swam I was able to see the sandy bottom. Being that Winnifred beach is public, when you arrive you are treated to numerous stalls created by Port Antonio residents who provide everything from scrumptious Jamaican delights to handmade beaded jewelleries.

Somethings I truly loved about Winnifred are the little things that made the biggest difference, the various swings positioned around the beach, the tree boat nestled up in the tree, the clean bathroom facilities positioned centrally on the beach. For a public beach it is clear the residents take great pride in maintaining this captivating venue. If you are looking for private getaway for friends, family or for a day with the one you love I highly recommend this beach. Only thing you need to bring is your swimwear, towel and snorkelling gear if you choose, and let the cheerful and attentive residents of Port Antonio do the rest. If you're hungry stop by Lick 'em Finger and tell them I sent ya! Happy travels my adventurers, Get Up, Get Out & Explore Jamaica!

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