Hedonism: leave your inhibitions behind.


November 02, 2015

Last weekend lead me on an amazing journey to Hedonism Resort in Negril, a place that encourages you to leave your inhibitions behind.

Now instantly I know that this may sound like something out of a blue movie but Hedonism is far from that. When I arrived the first thing that caught my attention was the amazingly beautiful decor. At the time of my arrival resort goers were gathered in the dining area to not only indulge in the amazing selections of food but to enjoy the live dinner show provided nightly.

Hedonism is one of the top nudist resorts worldwide and even though they are known for what's naughty, they also pride themselves in community support by utilising local farmers and even growing their own produce. This also allows the patrons to experience the farm to fork freshness everyday, something very pleasing even to the pickiest taste buds.

However it isn't the food alone that attracts return visitors, Hedonism allows you to release your inhibitions and roam as nature brought you in, nude. However if being naked around new faces doesn't appeal to you there is always a prude side to Hedonism. In my journey I personally stayed on the prude side and can tell you I was not short of activities to enjoy or fun to have. The amazing beaches, pools, water activities, entertainment line up and shows made what was a three-day adventure feel like half that time. Hedonism is also super all inclusive, pay one price and never worry about a thing from food and beverage to entertainment and delights.

Another special note about Hedonism is that as long as you're over 18 there is no other age boundary. In my journey I saw Hedo goers well into what appeared to be their 80s freeing their inhibitions and letting loose with the rest. For me Hedonism isn't just a place to be a bit naughty but a place to find new boundaries. A perfect place for a couple in need of a bit more spice or for groups of friends who just want to let loose. No worries if you are living single, Hedo employees will always make you feel extra special and a part of the family. What should be noted for future patrons is that you set your limits at Hedo, you decide what you want the journey to be and how far you would like to go. I for one will be returning to Hedo before the year is out the food alone is enough for my return visit but the employees come in as a close second. Each hedo employee serves not only as your host or hostess but also a talented performer as well, each performance they put on is more amazing than the one before, so enjoy.

Until next time my explorers Get Up, Get Out & Explore Jamaica!

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