Cosmetologist Salesha living her dream

November 08, 2018
Sanieke 'Salesha' Hamilton

The avenue for Sanieke 'Salesha' Hamilton to become a cosmetologist began very early, by accompanying her mother to the salon.

While other people would discard the hair that was cut from customers, she would use them for a new purpose.

Hamilton, 25, told THE STAR, "From I was small I used to go to hairdresser with mommy. I used to pick up hair and go home and put it in my dolly's hair," she said.

From giving her dolls new hairdos, this would later lead to a full-fledged career as her own boss in beauty and cosmetics.

"From I was going to school I was doing courses. I started out at age 16 or 17," she said.

Hamilton said she wasted no time in getting certified and enrolled in one of the HEART schools.

She told THE STAR, "Right after high school I went to HEART, the one on Hope Road. I am now NCTVet-certified at Level 1 and Level 2."

When asked why she went the route to become certified when there are others in the same field who are not, but are equally as good, Hamilton said it was a step in the right direction.

She said, "More people come when they know you are certified. Some will ask to see a certificate, others won't. But it is good when you are, because the clients are more comfortable knowing."

According to Hamilton, who owns and operates her own business, Salesha's Hair and Nail Salon on Devon Avenue, Kingston 5, the business of making people look and feel good is very rewarding.

She told THE STAR, "It is very rewarding, especially in the Christmas. That's when I get the most business. Clients from all over find me to get dolled up."

When asked which aspect of the business generates more income, Hamilton quickly said the manicures or pedicures.

She explained, "I get more nails than hair because hair stays long, but nails grow fast. Customers will come back to refill, change, colour or style."

Hamilton said the only downtime she has in her profession is after any holiday.

She said, "Before any holiday, business is up, especially Christmas. However, after the holiday, things relaxed."

Hamilton said she would recommend anyone to start a career in cosmetology, under one condition.

"Yes I would advise persons (to do it), but only if they really love it, because it takes time and patience," Hamilton said.

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