My family is deperate for some help


January 13, 2016

Dear STAR,

While I understand the situation that many persons are desperate, and I am glad someone who needs the help will benefit in the end, I would love for it to be us. I am working, but my wife is not.

The situation is growing more desperate by the day. We owe OBF almost $30,000, which needs to be paid by next week Wednesday.

We offered our computer to clear the debt, but their policy is that all the items used as securities will be confiscated. I have a six-year-old son who attends George Headley and a two-year-old.

We owe Courts for the Notebook, around 70,000, and Lucky Dollar almost the same for a bed. Coupled with light, water, and all the other weekly expenses and no help, I feel like calling it quits.

Anyone reading this please choose us and/or if you can help me or my wife with a job we will be most grateful. We don't mind working to clear our debts.

I am being as honest as possible, and for this reason I think we are most suitable for this opportunity. I have all the necessary proof if needed. Thanks in advance.


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