Jahmiel’s circle gets smaller

September 21, 2023

Recording artiste Jahmiel has poured out his heart into a new track, Circle Small, which was officially released on September 16.

The entertainer said the song means a lot to him because it was "written from a personal experience".

"This is my life, I sang this one from the heart, like I normally do," Jahmiel said of the song that was produced by Momentum Entertainment and YGF Entertainment.

The Strongest Soldier hitmaker, while confident that the song will be a resounding success, said his approach is not one of anticipating how well it will do.

"Honestly, when I'm making music, there are no expectations and I'm always surprising myself by doing things that way. I don't have hope in the sense of limiting a song to a certain success because the music can surpass my expectations. I just make good music and watch God do the rest," Jahmiel said.

A first-time collaboration with YGF label, the result was a favourable one, with the impressive reception so far.

"Working with Jahmiel was easy and professional. My expectations for this release are longevity and for it to be a motivational track," YGF producer Tevin Richards said.

In the meantime, fans can also expect more projects from Jahmiel, who is preparing for a major project at the moment.

"I'm currently working on a new album to be released in 2024. There's so much in store the fans can look forward to. I'm always working," the artiste said.

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