‘Money Up’

September 18, 2020

Dancehall producer Lando Genius is celebrating the rising popularity of his recently released production " Money Up", done by Gaza Publisha and Shawn Storm.

Money Up is an ode to independent women, and the producer believes the record is timely and goes against the typical male topics regarding how women are viewed.

"We tend to focus too much on the sexual gratification and sexualisation of women. There is more to women than ... what they can do with their bodies. So this song highlights those positives, and not surprising, women have been reaching out to the team with positive feedback," he said.

The producer, who merged the sounds of dancehall and Afrobeats to create the track, said that he has been garnering listeners in Australia and England.

"We have received strong support on local radio and I am extremely excited about that. However, what has really caught my attention is the growing popularity of the record in England and Australia. Music truly has the capacity to cross boundaries," he said.

No stranger to success, Lando Genius was also behind the production of Tifa's chart-topping effort Man Government, which climbed local charts in 2019.

"That single is the one which opened the doors in Australia for Lando Genius Records, and I want to send out special love to Tifa for that," he said.

A music video for Money Up will be released in coming weeks as the song continues to pick up momentum, especially on international radio stations.

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